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Chapter: Databases

Merges database

The merges database (merges.nsf) is a mail in database.
It is only relevant if you have one or more branches and you are using Legal Notes to update your accounting system or you are using Legal Word.

It updates changes to clients and matters in the System db, to your accounting system and word libraries at a branch.Merges.nsf must be located on the Administration server.

    This form holds all updates of clients and matters sent between Head Office and braches. It is not intended to be viewed. A background agent (or a manual agent run from an action button in the "Updates" view, will extract the updates from documents created with this form, and write a text file to the Merges Path. At present this path is in the code as "f:\merges". The document is then deleted by the agent. The text file is read by your accounting package or Word (as the case may be) and deleted.

    This form is used to transfer time lines from a branch to Head Office. It can also be used to transfer matter details not stored in Notes; ie accounting information such as WIP. Agents are used to extact the files to designated directories. The documents are periodically purged by the database.

    There are two views by the same name as the forms. They are only as a backup if the the background agents do not for any reason work. There are action buttons to enable a user to effect the updates manually.

Background Agents
    MR[Name of Branch]LatamUpdates - eg [MRKalgoorlieLatamUpdates]
    Run on the designated branch to receive Latam merges from Perth and updates generated by the system database at Head Office.

    [Name of Head Office or Server]LatamUpdates - eg MRPerthLatamUpdates
    Run on HO AdminServer. Distributes latam time line merges from branches and latam updates generated by the system database at branches.

    Send merges to Perth
    Sends latam merge files from Kalgoorlie to Perth.
Hidden agents
    This agent is the same as two background agents, but is run manually from an action button in the
    Runs on both HO and branch administration Servers. Distributes udpdates to clients and matters to a text file to be imported by Latam

    Send merges to Perth
    A manual version of the background agent by the same name. Run from an action button in the "Merges" view.

    Sends Latam merge files from Head Office to the designated branch. Run from an action button in the "Merges" view.

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