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Civil Judgment Enforcement fees
Department of Mines Industry Regulation and Safety & Warden's Court fees
District Court fees
District Court non-appeal costs scale
Duties rates
Family Court costs scale for party-party costs
Family Court of Western Australia court fees
Federal Circuit Court fees
Federal Circuit Court scale for party-party costs
Federal Court costs scale
Federal Court fees
High Court costs scale
High Court fees
Landgate fees
Legal Profession (District Court Appeals) (Contentious Business) Determination 2018
Legal Profession (Family Court of Western Australia) Determination 2020
Legal Profession (Magistrates Court) (Civil) Determination 2020
Legal Profession (Magistrates Court) (Criminal) Determination 2020
Legal Profession (Magistrates Court) (Family Law) Determination 2020
Legal Profession (Non-Contentious Probate Costs) Determination 2021
Legal Profession (Official Prosecutions) (Accused's Costs) Determination 2020
Legal Profession (Solicitors Costs) Determination 2021
Legal Profession (State Administrative Tribunal) Determination 2020
Legal Profession (Supreme and District Courts) (Contentious Business) Determination 2020
Legal Profession (Supreme And District Courts) (Criminal) Determination 2020
Magistrates Court fees
Mining Act Part IV proceedings costs scale and Wardens Court costs scale
Settlement Agents (Remuneration) Notice 2013
Supreme Court fees
Workers' Compensation (Legal Practitioners and Registered Agents) Costs Determination 2018

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